Preparing Food in the Kitchen While Being Harassed by a Pakistani Individual with Inappropriate Intentions


Yo, what’s up fam? Today’s video is gonna be a real doozy. I was just trying to cook up some grub in the kitchen when this creepy ass Pakistani dude started harassing me with his inappropriate intentions. Like, seriously bro, can’t a girl just make some damn food without being bothered by your thirsty ass?

But you know what’s even worse? This dude was trying to film me without my consent, like some kind of sicko making one of those paki mms videos. I mean, what kind of fucked up shit is that? I had to tell him to back the hell up and get out of my kitchen before I called the cops on his pervy ass.

So, if you’re watching this and you’re thinking about making one of those disgusting paki mms videos, just know that you’re a sick fuck and you need help. And to all my ladies out there, stay safe and don’t let these creeps get the best of you. Peace out.

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