Thalassery Municipality

Oh my god, have you heard about this disgusting Pakistani man who invited his own stepsister to his bedroom for some explicit content? What the actual f*** is wrong with people these days? This sicko clearly has no boundaries or morals, and it’s just another example of the depravity that exists in our society.

And of course, this whole thing was captured on video and is now being shared around as one of those infamous “Paki MMS videos”. It’s sickening that people get off on this kind of s***, and it just goes to show how messed up our priorities are as a culture.

I hope this perverted piece of s*** gets what’s coming to him, and that his stepsister can find some way to heal from this traumatic experience. But in the meantime, let’s all do our part to call out this kind of disgusting behavior and make it clear that it’s not okay.

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