Preparing Food in the Kitchen While Being Harassed by a Pakistani Individual with Inappropriate Intentions


Warning: This video contains explicit language and vulgar satire.

So, here I am in my kitchen, trying to prepare some damn food, when this Pakistani creep starts harassing me with his inappropriate intentions. He keeps making disgusting comments and gestures, and I’m just trying to ignore him and get on with my day.

But no, this paki pervert won’t leave me alone. He keeps trying to touch me and film me with his damn MMS videos. Like seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

I swear, if I had a baseball bat, I’d knock his teeth out. But instead, I’m stuck here, trying to cook while this paki douchebag won’t take a hint.

So, if you’re into watching paki MMS videos of some perverted asshole harassing a woman in her own damn kitchen, then go ahead and watch this shit. But if you have any respect for women or common decency, then stay the hell away from this garbage.

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